Trouble in Ferguson

During our time in Maine we chalked up some significant expenses, including fixing the Jeep's A/C, repairing the RV awning, fixing a leak on the ice-maker line, getting new driver and passenger seats and putting on new tires. The cost of RV tires is astounding! Since our position in Maine was an un-paid one, Randy is now working to offset some of these bills. He takes the Jeep to work and I stay at home, doing my "after-trip" cleaning. He's working so many hours that I have started cooking dinner for us; it's been a long time since that happened.

It's good to be back in St. Louis, but nearby Ferguson, a northern suburb of St. Louis, is struggling. An 18 year old suspect was shot by police and now there are nightly protests which degrade into riots, causing looting and destruction. We are 10 miles away from the trouble but it fills the newscasts. This is an unhappy situation that is being made worse by the actions of others, many of whom are not from this area, or even from this state. From what I read and hear, the residents of Ferguson (of every race) want justice but they are not part of the destruction that is tearing apart their community. During the day the residents band together and clean up the area from the previous night's rabble. The Ferguson schools were supposed to open this week but that has been delayed. So sad; this cannot be the way to justice.

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