Time to go

We are headed back to the Midwest to spend some time with our families. The good folks at Pumpkin Patch sent us off with their best wishes, and we leave behind our own best wishes for them. Pumpkin Patch is an wonderful place for Workampers, vacationers and seasonal travelers. If you are going through Maine, stop there!

As to our trip, it got off to a bad start. We pulled out of our site on schedule, before 8 am. But when we tried to hook the Jeep up, we could not get it into neutral so we could tow it. We had to put the RV back on our site and drive the Jeep to a garage.  The guy there ran some tests which were inconclusive, so we had to left the Jeep there and walk back to the RV park. We put hooked the water, sewer and electric lines again, put the slides back out, and unpacked a few things, not knowing how long we would have to wait. Fortunately within an hour we got a call that the Jeep was working. Apparently a connection got a little dirt in it. Randy walked back to the garage to get the car while I packed up the RV again, and we left Herman around 11:30 - almost 4 hours later than we intended. 

Randy drove us as far as Littleton, on the north end of the Boston outer beltline, and we checked into the Minuteman RV Park. We stayed here in 2011 while we visited Boston. They have done some work on the place and it looks nicer. Right now it's a welcome harbor because we are really, really tired. Randy was up at 5 am this morning, so it's been an extra long day for him. A quick dinner of home-made quesadillas, and it's time for bed.

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