Back in the Midwest

We spent one night at a small campground in Ohio, then on to Illinois. You know you're in Illinois because of the thick hedgerow of cornfields on both sides of the road.
We arrived at Mom's on the 10th and planned to stay a few days. We like to hookup to 50 amps, can get by on 30 amps, but Mom's place only has 20 amps. So Randy had to make some adjustments; it's tough when you have to wire your own hook-up!
The first couple of days we kept busy visiting family, including Theresa and her husband Tomm, and Sharon. Randy also found time to do some fix-it tasks for Mom before he had to leave to go to St. Louis. When he left, I stayed in Washington so I could spend a few more days with my Mom. Mom and I have a routine for my visits which includes a lot of yard sales, so we started with those. Our search for yard sales took us through some of the neighborhoods that were hit by the tornado last yearA lot of homeowners have already made great strides towards rebuilding, but in some areas there is still a long way to go.
Now I've joined Randy in St. Louis, where we will try to get a few tasks done. Seems like there is always something to fix, clean or replace on an RV!

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