A quick stop in Thermal, by the Salton Sea

This morning we had breakfast at the resort cafe. The season doesn't really start for a couple of weeks so business is really slow; we were the only people in the cafe. Then we got back on the road, headed towards the Salton Sea. As we pulled out of Yuma, the wind picked up. Highway 8 runs through the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area so when the winds blow, you get this:
Sand storms around here can cause zero visibility, but today it didn't get too bad. The trip was a bit boring; blue mountains are always in the distance but the land is flat and sandy.
We went 132 miles today but it seemed longer. By the time we got to Oasis Palms RV park we were ready to stop. We started to go into town for dinner, then just decided to have dinner at home. It's so hot outside! Good thing we came back; there are only 2 other campers in the park and one of them had a dead car battery. Randy took care of that for him, then we had dinner. We will roll into Riverside tomorrow, so we just made an early night of it.

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