Los Algodoes

Ready to move on, so we drove to Yuma. Along the way we stopped at Dateland. Dateland is a wide spot in the road were they have been selling dates for years, and what they are really famous for is their date milkshakes. We have stopped there before and the last time we swore off the shakes, because they were getting ridiculously overpriced. But we stopped this time just to stretch our legs and discovered they have dropped the price. So date shakes for everyone!

Just outside of Yuma we saw another field of solar panels - this one was easily twice as large as the one in New Mexico. Maybe this idea is catching on.
When we go to Los Algodones we usually dry-camp in the Quechan Casino parking lot, but this time we checked into the Fortuna de Oro RV Resort. This is one of the biggest RV parks we've been in, with over 1,200 sites. They seem to have a lot of activities planned when the season starts, but now we are just looking for a place to overnight. So we settled the RV, turned on both of its air conditioners, got in the Jeep, and headed to Mexico. Good ol' Los Algodones. We had lunch at the little stand that sells Shrimp Tacos, then walked through the town. We have been here several times; this year there is a lot of building and cleaning going on, in preparation for the upcoming Snowbirds. We bought a few things, but most of the liquor prices were not so great.

Back at the RV, the air conditioners were not able to completely overcome the heat. It's just so hot here. We put a small fan in the doorway between the bedroom and the front room because the back air conditioner was pretty effective, and eventually it got cool inside.

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