The 99 Ranch Market

We found an interesting store nearby - the 99 Ranch Market. The name doesn't give any indication what type of market it is, but it's  a sizable Oriental grocery store. They have a nice fresh fish section which includes the usual seafood, such as crab and lobster, plus some unusual seafood, like Turbot. These might be the best thing since sliced bread but they don't look appetizing to me. But truthfully, I don't think any seafood looks appetizing until it's cooked and served with butter.
This store sells more kinds of rice than I knew existed, plus a whole array of rice products - rice noodles, rice paper, rice pasta, rice wine, rice cereal  rice milk, rice vinegar...
This is the first place we found that sells Durian - the fruit with the legendary (and horrific) stink. All I know is that when it's frozen, it doesn't stink.
And how do I know the difference between Pork Sung and Pork Fu? They both look like fluffy wood shavings.

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