Tasting Menu, 2014

Randy loves to cook for people who appreciate good food. He wanted to do special for Aunt Jean and Teresa so yesterday he prepared another Tasting Dinner for  Aunt Jean and 9 of her friends (which, of course, included Teresa). 

Randy takes the preparation as seriously as the cooking. He went to several stores to get exactly what he wanted, including quail eggs, white asparagus, live basil and lettuce, Tillamouk cheese and raw sugar. He selected each individual green bean by hand.  
He was going to do about 6-7 courses this time, but his love of cooking got the best of him and he ended up doing 10 courses. Each course was small but even so, finishing it all was touch-and-go by the end! 

First Starter: Chilled White Asparagus Mayonnaise and Red Pepper Sauce, and a roll of Prosciutto Ham and Provolone Cheese. 

Second Starter: Bella Napoli - also known as Italian Nachos (one of my favorites!).
Soup Course: Potato and Cauliflower Soup, topped with shredded cheese and green onions.
Salad Course: Chicken Salad on Bibb lettuce.
First Entrée: Pork Belly topped with Apple Cream Sauce, sided with couscous and carrots.
Second EntréeA mini version of the famous St. Louis Slinger, topped with a quail egg.
Third Entrée: A tiny Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of Fried Green Beans.
First desert: Apple Fritter with Caramel Sauce.
Second desert: Pumpkin Crème Brûlée with a fresh strawberry.
And just in case there was any room left, he finished with a rich Chocolate Pâté. This looks like fudge but it's richer and creamier. Even I can only eat a small piece of this delight!

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