Riverside at last!

They grow a lot of dates near the Oasis Palms RV park. Sometime in August bags are put over clusters of growing dates to protect them from birds and bugs. There is an added benefit in that the bag saves any dates that fall off. 
We are tired of moving and considered staying here a few days, but decided it was more important to get to Riverside. As we packed up once again, we agreed that this will be the last trip for our bicycle cover - it just hasn't held.
We took highway 10 through the Palm Springs area. This is one of the first places where we noticed big wind farms. We were happy to see that not only are the wind farms still here, they are growing larger. Wind and sun are great energy resources.
Arizona is a desert but California seems to be even dryer. The evidence of drought is everywhere; it looks like it is ready to spontaneously combust.
Today we enjoyed the feeling of traveling familiar roads; Randy knows his way around this part of California. We parked in Teresa and Jack's driveway and as soon as Teresa got home from work, we all went to El Tapatio for dinner; it's a grocery store but they have a small restaurant inside. Mexican food, of course, and really good. Then we went to see Aunt Jean. She just got out of the hospital - in fact, we got to her house before she did - but she looks great. She is a wonderful, wonderful person, and it's great  to see her again!

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