Ruskin Flea Markets

This weekend we visited the two big Flea Markets around here. Saturday we went to the Red Barn near Bradenton, where adorable kids mind the store while their parents are stocking. 
Today we went to Mr. G's Flea Market. In town it's common to print signs in both English and Spanish; here they dispense with English completely. 
There is a thriving animal business here - mostly chickens, roosters, chicks and piglets. I guess it's a good ways to get fresh eggs for breakfast, but I would not be able to enjoy the fresh bacon!
They sell mattresses here, too, already broken in for your convenience.
And there are lots of fruits and vegetables available here, too. Their coconuts look different than what I see in the supermarket, but they look pretty good.
And like every Spanish/Mexican market, they offer big, big pans. Someday when we have a house, we may get one of these.
It's been a long time since I saw a circus side-show attraction, but they have one here! I was able to resist.
We found a vendor selling fresh juice drinks. I got a coconut cream drink, which was sweet and creamy, and Randy got a big glass of fermented pineapple juice, spiked with chili power and lime juice. This was our only purchase, and it was a really good one.

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