12/03 Æbleskiver for breakfast

Randy recently acquired an unusual cast iron pan. The person selling it thought it was used to make meatballs but she was wrong; it's an Æbleskiver pan. So this morning Randy make Æbleskiver for breakfast. This Danish treat starts with a tasty batter, poured into the pan's round depressions. 
After a short while they are ready to turn. 
It's tricky to turn Æbleskiver just enough to avoid burning the cooked part, while letting the uncooked batter flow to the bottom of the depression.
Soon all the Æbleskiver will be golden brown on one side, while the other side cooks. 
Next flip them out onto a plate. If you've done it right, youÆbleskiver will be light, fluffy and cooked all the way through.
Of course Randy likes to give everything an extra boost of flavor, like sugar and cinnamon. Excellent!

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