One last trip to Carlsbad

We are just a few days away from leaving, and frankly, we're running out of things to do. So today Randy took me to Carlsbad to goof off. We parked the car by a little group of street vendors who were selling painting, photos and jewelry.
We didn't buy anything but we did get a good recommendation for lunch - the Armenian Cafe, just one block away. Randy got the combo salad, topped with Chicken Kebab, Gyros and Falafels. The waitress assured us the falafel was good, and for once, they were! 
Outside it was cool enough for a jacket but the sun was shining, so we walked around town a little longer. In this area of Carlsbad, the crosswalk lights are coordinated so that instead of stopping traffic in one direction for pedestrians, traffic is stopped in all directions at the same time. We crossed one of those intersections to check out a truly beautiful building, a "Victorian Lady", home to Sun Diego Board Shop. 
Inside, along with stuff for sale, are some beautiful antique boards, showing the progression of surf boards through the years. 
From there it was natural to walk down to the beach. Today it was too cool to go wading, so we went back into the car and drove to Tip Top. Besides their restaurant, Tip Top has a deli and a pretty impressive meat section. We bought some of their hot dogs, we won't be able to get those soon, so we wanted a few in our freezer.
This is the first place I've seen a Tomahawk steak, an on-the-bone rib steak, french-trimmed. Looks good!
We rounded the day out with a stop at Baskin Robbins. We usually prefer Coldstone, but during December Baskin-Robbins offers peppermint ice cream. It's my favorite ice cream - even better than chocolate!

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