Special clocks

It was a relaxing kind of day today. This morning we went to the Beach Break Cafe for breakfast - always a good idea. Then a little shopping - another good idea. Later, around 4, we went over to the Assembly building where the local clock club was meeting. It was their Christmas meeting, complete with snacks. We met some nice folks and saw some wonderful clocks. The museum is coordinating with the clock club to set up a clock museum. They already have enough donations to set up some great displays.
I especially like older clocks, like this 1890 French Petit Mantel clock.
1890 was a good year. It also saw the creation of this German RA regulator.
And they have clocks from the working side of timekeeping, too, like this 1940 Time Recorder.
I love small clocks, like this little alarm clock that fits in my palm. 
And then there's this unusual little clock. The globe in the center had a pointer that rotates around it to indicate the time, while the bird rocks back and forth. It's adorable!

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