Old Town San Juan Capistrano

On our train trip to LA we got a glimpse of Old Town San Juan Capistrano, and decided to go back today for a visit. 

A few really old adobe structures are still standing. This one, built in 1794, is called the Montanez Adobe, after Polonia Montanez, a village midwife and healer who was, according to the plaque, responsible for the religious education when the priest wasn't around.
The main road here is Los Rios, an area reported to be the oldest continually-occupied neighborhood in California. Most of the houses along the main street are adorable little shops, most of which we visited.
Even the ones who aren't open for business are pretty darn cute.
In one yard is a little jail, sitting next to a house that is almost as small as the jail. 
Back in the main section of town, the big park has a huge tree, but it looks like a tall version of Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree. 
A big antique-and-junk store was right next to our parking spot, so we went in there before leaving. It had rooms and rooms of good junk.
Randy got a couple of good buys - a lovely old music stand and an old Ã†bleskiver pan. One of the cashiers recommended El Adobe de Capistrano Cafe, so we went there next. They served good food so we enjoyed lunch. We also discovered we were sitting in chairs used bPresident Nixon and his wife Pat, during their frequent visits here. They are dated, but pretty comfy.

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