On to Casa Grande

Before leaving Yuma, we put some diesel fuel in the RV. Yesterday we scouted around for a good price and found an ARCO with a great price of $1.85. We haven't seen it that low in years, and certainly nowhere near that in California.

Then we continued east on Highway 8. It was still windy, but not nearly as bad as yesterday. We stopped at Dateland, as usual. This wide spot in the road is the place to get some really good date shakes, as well as several kinds of packaged dates. Medjool are our favorites, but they have several good varieties. Their orchard must be an old one; it includes 6 date trees that nobody can identify.
Back on the road, continuing east. Shorty eventually gets tired. Even when he's almost asleep, he can keep his paw on that ball. 
As we got further into Arizona, the mountains looked less like rubble, and those iconic saguaro cactus started appearing. 
We will spend a couple of nights at Sundance 1 RV Park, just outside Casa Grande. We haven't stayed here before, but it's a large, attractive RV park that offers a good Passport American rate. 

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