Christmas for the pets

Christmas at the Lambert's always includes little presents for the critters, so Shorty has a new squeaky toy to obsess over. 
The problem is that Julienne has one, too. And as always, if Julienne has a toy, Shorty wants it. He's such a little hoarder!
Eventually (with a little help from us) Julienne got to play with her toy. But Shorty never took his eyes off her while she did.
Missy got a new toy, too. She's pickier about what she will play with, but likes these things a lot.
And their Christmas joy didn't stop there. The centerpiece of our dinner was a prime rib roast that came with two big ribs, just the right number for a doggy feast! Julienne's technique was to stand on the rib with both feet.
Shorty was so focused that for once he didn't worry about what Julienne had.
Tomorrow morning we will be back on the road, headed east. It is awful to leave our friends; we just hate that part. But it's time to move on. We will probably park in a casino lot the first couple of nights, which means no internet and no wifi. 

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