Rain changes our plans

Today was the day we had planned to leave the museum and head to San Diego. But it rained all day yesterday. Rick, knowing what rain does to the roads here, stopped by to see what our plan was.
The plan now, of course, is to go nowhere today. The Jeep can't make it in or out without sliding sideways, so there is no way we can move the RV.
So we got in the Jeep, slide out to the main road, and went to Beach Break Cafe, where we shared one of their big breakfasts - corned beef, hash browns, eggs and toast, and a slice of coffee cake apiece. Nice! 

Then we went to the Unique Indian Store. Randy has bought several flutes there, and we like to see what's new in the shop. If we had a house we would buy a lot of things here, but there is a limit to what will fit in the RV.
We have decided that we will spend Christmas here at the Museum, and head out after we get a couple of sunny days to dry the road.

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