Back home . . . sort of

We arrived back at the Orlando KOA today, having traveled around 3,900 miles. At least being physically exhausted and sore to the bone gives us something to take our mind off how heartsick we are. I am so tired that I can't sleep; Randy is so tired that he fell into bed at 7:30. 

But we were glad to spend time with our family and offer whatever support we could. And glad to know they are not alone. While they are staying in Pekin,they have old friends, plus Tomm's mom lives there. In Amarillo, where their house is, their next-door neighbor Laverne was holding open house daily; neighbors and friends brought food to her place and she set the table for Tomm's family and whoever else shows up. Her own family provides a welcome distraction, too. Her 14 year-old son has the same goofy sense of humor as Nick, and somehow makes everyone smile. 

Now we are glad to be home, but the location of home will change tomorrow. We had been scheduled to leave May 1st, but management let us leave the RV here while we traveled. Tomorrow we will move on. 

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