Wasting time and spending money

We can't take possession of our house until some bank transfers occur, and the holiday will slow that down. We are stuck in Ruskin for a few more days and have nothing to do. No point in looking for homes - we already found one. No point in looking for RV sites - we won't need one. No point in going to Leesburg yet - we can't get access to the house to start cleaning and moving, and if we have to sit on an RV site a few days longer, well, we have already paid for this one. So we have been shopping. We've been to Hyde Park Village, International Plaza, Ellentown Premium Outlet, Bass Pro, Camping world, Sam's Club, Winn Dixie, Walmart and Sur La table. We are getting a few things we will need in the house, but we have to cram them into any space we can find until we actually get the house. We are running out of stores to visit and places to put stuff!

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