We have been full-time RVers since September of 2009, but today we bought a house! We have been feeling the need for more space, without taking on the maintenance and costs of a house as big as the one we used to have. A manufactured house in a friendly community seems like a great alternative. We will not quit RVing, but we will be part-timers instead of full-timers. 

This house is a gift from God. Before we went looking, we prayed for guidance to find the right house. While we were visiting Donna and Pete, we found one that needs a little TLC but it didn't appeal to us; the asking price was too high for the work it needed. So we looked at several homes in the same park, and since then have been looking at other homes in around Ruskin and Bradenton. Nothing felt like home. Meanwhile the price on this home dropped $10,000. We drove over Monday with a whole list of homes to looks at, including taking a second look at this one. The realtor said she is constantly getting requests to look at this place, but for some reason it hadn't sold yet. This time it looked cleaner, neater, and ready to move into. Obviously we want to repaint the walls and Randy will remodel any kitchen he buys, but it's good enough to move into and make changes at our leisure. And it meets everything on our wish-list. And suddenly the house that dropped in price and stayed on the market until we arrived, was ours!

I will have to fix the front yard, but I like doing that sort of thing.
The double carport will shelter our Jeep from Florida's sun, and we can turn part of it into a screened-in porch.
 The back deck is perfect for grilling. 
And the best part is, it comes with a boat dock!
We haven't moved in yet, but I know it won't be long afterwards before Randy has a boat parked here. We can hardly wait to start this new adventure!

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