Relaxin' in Homosassa

Today we went to a small diner for breakfast, and Brenda and Woody met us there after they took their puppy to the vet. Today is the day Princess gets fixed; since that takes a few hours, they offered to show us around. First stop was Shelly's, where they sell very fresh seafood. 
Just a short bit down the road we got a look at Monkey Island. This is a small man-made island where, a few years ago, someone released a few monkeys. I counted 5 of them, and they seemed to be having a good time, swinging around or sunning on the roof. They are fed daily but are not tame, by any stretch. 
I like Florida's coastal communities. The constant presence of waterbirds is just part of the charm, but it's one of the things that appeals to me the most. 
Randy got a brochure from a realtor and we went out to see a couple of places for sale. Nothing looks right so far, so we will keep looking. 

We went over to Brenda's for dinner, where she treated us to clam chowder, salad, and a yummy New Orleans pasta dish, loaded with chicken, shrimp and andouille sausage. She had cake, too, but we were so stuffed that we had to take a short walk and wait almost an hour before we could have any! 

Princess is doing well after her surgery; she's a 6-month old miniature schnauzer, and such a sweetie. She whimpered a little bit, and that is all it took for Randy to scoop her up. He tried very hard to spoil her completely in one evening, and he did a pretty good job. She ended up sitting on his lap while getting hand-fed by her mommy, Brenda!

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