More fun

When we were at the rally and talking about visiting here, several people suggested we go to The Freezer, a ratty-looking restaurant with a reputation for great food. Brenda and Woody go there regularly, in spite of the fact that there is always a long line, and they always order the shrimp. We enjoyed their last suggestion (at the Pier) so much that we followed suit here. I added a small cup of chowder, which was good, but Brenda's was better. The shrimp were excellent; not as spicy as we expected from all that color, but good enough that Randy and I ate a whole pound. 
Since Princess had surgery yesterday, Brenda wanted to keep close to her today. So when she and Woody picked us up to go to the beach, she brought Princess, and we brought Shorty and Julienne. The dogs aren't allowed on the actual beach, but they enjoyed walking along the boardwalk. And we thought maybe it would be OK if they were on the beach, as long as we held them. 
They sure were happy little dogs! 
I think we were at the Fort Island Gulf Beach. Across the water is the Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant. According to Woody, it's not actually nuclear anymore, it's coal powered.
Later Randy fixed us a light dinner: smoked sausages, chips, home-made cheese dip and pickles. With bread pudding and vanilla sauce. 

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