Guest Bathroom - final day!

Today the finishing touches were put on the bathroom - grouting the walls and shower pan. Aaron uses a blade to push the grout into the seams and any little crevasses.
Then the final cleanup started. It took two complete rinses to clean all the excess grout away.
And the results were every thing we hoped for!
Since they got done a little after noon, we had time to take a trip. It wasn't raining (yet) but it was very overcast, so we hesitated to take the boat out. Instead we drove to Alexander Springs Recreation Area, part of the Ocala National Forest. 
Swimming is allowed here in a designated area, so the guys donned swim trunks and got in. They didn't dive in - the water is shallow at the edges and is only 72 degrees. That's way too cold for me, but Randy loves any water.
Some picnic sites have ants; this one has vultures! These big black birds stayed a few yards away from people, but were happy to jump up on unoccupied picnic tables to see what was going on. They're not pretty, with their wrinkled skin and fuzzy hair, but I like them anyway.
One of them found something, and suddenly 3 or 4 vultures swooped in and started fighting for the scrap. They mean business: one vulture tried to take off (perhaps with a scrap in his beak) and another one grabbed a mouthful of his feathers and pulled him back!
When the guys were done swimming, we drove back to Leesburg and headed to Oakwood for ribs. But the rib discount isn't valid on Thursday. The ribs are not bad but the portions are small, so we don't think it's worth full price. Instead we went to Mom and Dad's, where we have tried to go previously only to find they were too busy. Tonight we got in, and found out why they are usually busy. The bread is served with a small bowl of olive oil, seasonings and diced dried tomatoes. I don't like tomatoes but I ate most of this and asked for more! I ordered the ravioli while the guys ordered the seafood pasta with mussels, shrimp and scallops. They both agreed it was excellent!
A little later we went to Mystic Ice Cream. The interior is really fun, with lots of old LP covers and 60's art on the walls, but their claims to fame is that they have the good sense to put liquor in their ice cream. That was enough to tip me over into a food coma, but the guys still had enough energy to go for a bike ride. 

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