11/15 Fall Auction at Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum

The Fall Auction is over! It started at 9 and ran until dark, which is around 5. The rain started around 4. 

There was a TON of stuff to auction. Big stuff like cars, tractors and an ancient RV, a lot of pallets full of machine parts and tools, and table after table of "smalls" - anything that would fit in a cardboard box. 
As the small items on the table are sold, Young Marine volunteers moved them into a roped-off area and set them on pre-numbered tables. Each number belongs to a buyer. I was buyer 711 and if I had bought anything, it would have been set on section 711. But the yard was full of machinery could not be moved to a table and pallets full of heavy parts. All of the stuff in the yard had to be man-handled into the customer's truck, or moved there with a forklift. This is where Randy and I worked today. After customers pay for their items, they get a printout of their purchases; they are supposed to give the list of one of the volunteers, who make sure they get all their stuff, and only their stuff, checking items off the list as they are found. But the yard was not roped off and everyone was wandering around, looking for and moving their stuff. There were always several people waiting for the volunteers who ran the forklifts, and there were always trucks parked in the forklift's way. It got dark and rained (lightly) but we got everyone out, and I think the customers all got what they came for. It was a good day for the Museum; they make a percentage on each item. But we are pretty tired tonight.

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