Dirty laundry

Since I took such a long nap yesterday, I was going to take half a valium to help me sleep and get to bed at a decent time. But around 10:30 Randy heard Julienne whining. Usually that means she wants to get on the big bed with us, so he let her out of her kennel and onto the bed. However, there was a communication problem: this time the whining meant "I need to pee". So pee she did, right on the bed. Time to strip the blanket, sheets and waterproof mattress cover, remake the bed with clean sheets, and hand-wash the linen. Since I wasn't tired anyway, it seemed like a good idea to go ahead and do the laundry right away. With just one washer and dryer available, I finished around 2:30 in the morning, which was about the time I got tired, anyway. Everything works out.

Tonight I didn't feel well, so Randy joined the group for dinner without me. When he got back home, we stood outside and listened to the coyotes howl; there are a lot of them here and they are all talking tonight.

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