Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens and Nursery revisited

The day started windy and overcast. The sun came out, but I got a bad case of cabin fever. So Randy took me out to Myrtle Creek. I was there with Ashley in September, but Randy had not been yet, so I enjoyed sharing it with him. 
The Nursery is getting ready for Christmas, and this instantly put me in a better mood. The music, piped everywhere on the property, was soft Christmas music. Inside the main building were lots of tiny tree lights and festive decorations. I want my house to look like this. 
Outside, thanks to Southern California's weather, we walked around looking at flowers, butterflies and a big working water wheel.
I fed the goats this time. This guy grabbed the cup right out of my hand, and I probably would have let him have it if Randy hadn't been concerned because it was plastic. So I grabbed it back; the goat didn't appreciate it, but it was empty by then.
Someone here has a gift for creating beautiful, natural looking arrangements. This looks like something from Tucson Studios, which is, itself, a collection of reproductions. I could do this!

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