Cupcakes and Capri Salad, plus Raccoons

Today I went to the dentist for what I hope is the last time, and got the last old crown replaced. For some reason the novocaine didn't want to work on that particular tooth; it took eight shots before I was numb enough for them to get the temporary crown off. But eventually they got it done. In spite of the problem today, I cannot say enough good things about the entire staff of Dr. Steelman's office. I had the best dental care here. Today's issue was handled so nicely and professionally; they listened to me when I said "not numb enough" and made sure I was comfortable before proceeding, and did a very good job. 

I had taken a valium before the visit, and what with all that novocaine, when I got home I went back to bed. And didn't get up until 4 pm. It would have been a wasted day, except for the dinner when our group got together again today. Ashley made pot roast with potatoes and carrots, and other people brought side dishes. Randy's contribution was a Capri salad. Last night he made one for Tuesday's dinner (a very good dinner of chicken pot pie, broccoli with bacon, plus apple and berry pies for dessert, compliments of Patty, Rick and Lisa). It was well received so he made another one today. It disappeared again.
And for dessert he make cupcakes. Almost too pretty to eat . . . but we ate them anyway!
We ate outside tonight and had unexpected guests again. Not the skunk (thankfully) - it was the raccoon family. It was a group of 3 or 4 (hard to count under the house) so I'm pretty sure it's the same family we rescued from the dumpster last week. Just one raccoon was eating the cat food; I think it was mama, because she was keeping the others in line. Any time one of the others tried to reach around her to get a handful of cat food, she would push them away. Apparently this was her own special treat. 
I love the raccoons, but they are getting pushy. There is a very active two-year old in this house, a young boy who likes to play in the yard, plus a very shy outside cat. I already know how ready mama raccoon is to defend her family; she needs to not cause problems here.

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