After the auction

It was a long day yesterday, and we were on our feet the whole time. I have had plantar fasciitis in my right foot for awhile, and recently Randy joined me in this problem. So we take care of our feet. Randy recently ordered a special brace for us. Plantar fasciitis is a tissue injury that gets worse when the foot extends, as it does during sleep. I was expecting not to be able to walk today, so last night I used it for the first time. It looks funny. . . 
but it works! My foot hurts a little bit today but not nearly as much as I expected. Hopefully I can just use this in case of emergency.

Late last night the rain came back, with strong winds. I don't like strong winds in an RV but I was so tired I went right to sleep. This morning there are evidences of the rough night I slept through.

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