Meatloaf and Cakes

Randy had a busy day in the kitchen. Today it was our turn to make the main dish for our group's dinner, and he felt like making dessert, too. A couple of days ago Randy cooked down two pumpkins so today he made a pumpkin bundt cake. 
Next he made a gluten-free carrot cake. 
It was so good that when people complimented Randy on the cake, they didn't even know it was gluten-free. 
Yesterday he ground beef and pork together and today he used that to make meatloaf. He also made mashed potatoes and gravy. My contribution was doing a mountain of dishes, several times. Then I took a 3 hours nap - still not feeling well. But the dinner was a success - Randy made 9 pounds of meatloaf and it almost all disappeared!

While we were sitting outside eating, we heard someone driving in the Museum's parking lot, making doughnuts. They were tearing around recklessly, but it was too dark to see who it was. Rick drove his golf cart over to have a look, but they took off.

Tonight the coyotes were even more vocal, and they sound closer. This morning we had found signs that they came up to our RV during the night. So I was very careful when I took our dogs out tonight. I took them one at a time, on a leash, with a heavy walking stick and a flashlight that I used to look for eye-shine. No problems, but we won't take any chances with our puppies.

I took the dogs out by myself because just as we got home, we heard that driver in the parking lot again, driving fast, squealing tires, and suddenly - a crash. Randy drove our Jeep over to see if anyone was hurt. It was a 16-year old boy driving a big truck, and fortunately he was OK. His arm was scraped up pretty bad but the truck was totaled, so he got off very lucky. Doesn't matter how big your truck is, if you run into a big tree at full speed, the truck loses.

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