Happy New Year?

Gotta say, so far 2016 sucks.

2015 closed out OK. In the evening it got down below freezing in Casa Grande, but it did warm up during the day. One of the RV repair shops had a new A/C cover so Randy was able to replace ours. We had lunch at Chris's restaurant, which was just as good as we remembered; the pizza is always good and they offer a little serving of rice pudding for desert. We drove out to the desert, near the old turquoise mine that we visited with Lonnie and Chris. We didn't go as far as the mine, but had a good time walking around the desert.

One day we walked through to the Phoenix Mills. Glad to see it's still going strong. The latest thing there seems to be mall barber shops, which had a long waiting line. We wasted a little time playing video games; it turns out it's just not our thing.
And we went to the big Swap Meet out on Baseline. It's off-season right now; half the stalls were empty. There are a couple of things for sale here that are not what I would consider "swap meet" items: hot tubs and showers. But there was enough other stuff for us to look around and get a few things.  
Then today, January 1st, we got ready to hit the road, and suddenly the inverter wasn't working. Randy checked everything but it wasn't clear what was going on. He decided we should go ahead and drive a little further down the road. We went to Benson, which puts us closer to our destination. He got out his electrical tools and started checking things again; it may be that our inverter is toast. That would be very bad. Tonight we are making do; tomorrow we will try to make some decisions.

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