Day off

Today Randy just didn't feel well, so he stayed home while I went to breakfast with Randy R and Kris. Aaron was under the weather too, and Jenny was able to sleep late today, so it was just the 3 of us. Kris suggested I try the Texas-shaped banana-and-pecan waffle, and Randy offered me one of his biscuits-with-gravy. So I had a great breakfast!
Then Randy when off on his own. Kris and I did a bit of thrift shopping before going home to see if Jenny was up yet. She was, and the 3 of us headed out for more shopping. We got a few paperbacks at the library sale, then went to several thrift stores. Around 3 pm we started getting hungry, so it was time for a quick trip to DQ. 

Afterwards I went back to check on Randy. He's still not feeling well, so it will be a quiet night at home tonight.

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