Lazy Day

Lazy day today....for me. Randy, however, went over to help the guys work on repairs to a low concrete brick wall at Jenny's. I said I wanted to clean house, but of course I didn't really do that. Instead I got caught up on Quicken and goofed off. Later in the day we all got together and Randy R took us out for a drive again. This time we went by the big oil derrick sitting by the bay. It was floated in some last year, and now sits quietly, waiting to be used. This thing is HUGE! 
Then it was time for dinner at Louis's. The original plan was to have dinner upstairs, then watch the sunset from the deck. But we kind of wolfed through dinner - hot wings, fries, plus a tenderloin for me. So after dinner Randy R drove us around until sunset, by which time he had us parked in a perfect spot on the beach. So beautiful!

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