Corpus Christi to Beaumont

Randy drove 300 miles today; he can drive more if he has to, but that’s the far side of how much he wants to drive. Since we stop occasionally for the dogs to get out and to stretch our own legs, it takes all the morning and part of the afternoon. Even with some potty stops, it's almost more than Shorty can take. He's bored beyond belief. Even so, he tries to never let his precious ball out of sight or touch.
But sometimes when he's on Randy's lap, it's just too hard to pay attention.  
When we finally got to the next RV park, we discovered they only have wifi at the office, which is not at all what we wanted. But we were ready to call it a day so Randy pulled into our site and hooked up. Immediately there was a 'pop' sound and white smoke started pouring out of top of our Dish Receiver unit. Randy immediately shut off the power and unplugged the unit. Fortunately the only other thing we lost was the alarm clock, which we both hate anyway, so that's not a big deal.

It had been a long day but we were ready to get out of the RV, so we drove the Jeep to a shopping center. After browsing through a great boot store, we went home for a casual dinner - steak for Randy and baked potato with pulled pork for me - just what we like!

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