Kites above!

This morning Kris, Jenny and I went to the book sale at the library. We all got some beach-reads, then went home to pick up the guys. Randy was still feeling under the weather and wanted something light, so we went to Pier 19 again for breakfast. I finally got a full order of biscuits and gravy, and Randy got one of their huge, delicious cinnamon rolls. We were seated next to the entertainer, a guy with an amazing, light voice. Loved listening to him, but we had other things on the agenda today. Because this weekend  if the kite-festival!

Randy R. drove us all down to the beach where we saw the amazing sunset. Today the sky was covered with wonderful flying objects.
So many of these kites and balloons are sea creatures that the sky looked like a sea above us. 
And sometimes the creatures seemed to be checking us out, too!
There was an exhibition at one end of the field where participants took turns displaying their kite-flying skills. First it was one kite, then two, then four. Whoever was manipulating those kites was able to make them dance, line up, walk across the sand, and stand still. Amazing!

We walked all around the area, and every time we looked up, there seemed to be more and more kites.
My favorite was the big red octopus, which moved through the air as if it was water. 

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