Super Superbowl Sunday

Sunday got off to a slow start, which can be a wonderful thing. Randy and I took the dogs for a long walk on the beach, then scheduled the next leg of our trip. It was 11 before we got together with the rest of the gang. The weather today was so much better - warmer and less windy - that Randy R drove us to the beach again. We set up chairs and started to read and relax, until he got a kite out of the truck. Apparently the kite show yesterday put him in the mood to go fly a kite. He's really good at it, too, and so is Aaron. And they showed Randy and me how to do it.
It was like having a bird on a long tether, hovering overhead. It was so responsive to the wind that it seemed to have a mind of its own. Randy R showed us how to make it dance and swirl, but I loved it when we could make it stand perfectly still in the air above us. 
We loved flying the kite but we had plans for the evening, so soon we packed up and went home to clean up a bit. Then we met at Louis's, to watch the Super Bowl. A series of appetizers and ribs kept us full while we watched the Broncos whup the Panthers.

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