Monday in Breaux Bridge

The Pioneer Acadia Village RV park where we were parked is an OK place; the main reason we parked there was because it's right off I-10, which makes it very easy to find. But it's noisy, too, and they don't offer Passport America discounts. The other RV park we had considered is 5-6 miles away from the highway, and the road to it winds around. But we drove out yesterday in the Jeep to check it out. It's a nicer park with a couple of lakes, they offer Passport America discounts, and the road is reasonable. So this morning we moved there. 

Then we went to see a bit of Breaux Bridge. It seems that people here are noticeably nice. It's not exactly Mayberry RFD, but most people seem a bit more relaxed and polite. Even some of the graffiti is polite; it's taped up so it can be easily removed. 
Randy drove to the old part of town, over the bridge that the town is named for. This small bridge used to be a smaller one, built by landowner Firmin Breaux. People used it as a reference point for directions, and the name stuck. 
Randy found a likely-looking doughnut shop and stopped. I highly recommend stopping at the Cajun Market Donut Company. 
This is one of the few places that knows it's a good idea to put frosting on cinnamon rolls. Actually, it's an excellent idea.
But the best part is that after the young person behind the counter boxed these up and took our money, she put a couple of plain glazed doughnuts in a paper bag for us, saying "and a lagniappe". Lagniappe is a Creole word that means "a little something extra". Randy practiced it at the Snack Shack on Hilton Head Island, but we don't commonly see it elsewhere. These particular doughnuts were still warm; way better than Krispy Kreme!

After such a lovely start to the day, we expected great things. Alas, it didn't happen. We discovered that many of the non-chain businesses here are closed on Monday. We tried to go to the Vermillion Living History center - closed. We tried to go Chez Jacqueline restaurant, Cafe Des Amis, Buck and Johnny's Pizza - all closed. We ended up at the Real Cajun Deal for dinner, and I can't really recommend it. 

And in the middle of the day a really severe rainstorm rolled through. The weather report included hail and a tornado watch. We don't know the area well but we are sitting between 2 lakes, so we packed a few things in the car, in case we had to head for sturdier shelter. 
But the storm passed, I didn't starve, and tomorrow is another day. 

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