Tornado watch

A lovely, casual day today, with an odd ending. We got up late and joined Ron and Sharon for breakfast. She makes a great breakfast sandwich! Then Ron drove us around this area. There isn't a lot here, actually. But the scenery was nice and it was so good to get out of the RV for awhile! We ended up at Walmart for a few groceries, then back home. Randy grilled some steaks for dinner, but we kept the Weather Channel on all through the meal. There was a super-storm headed our way, with the threat of hail and tornadoes. As the reports came in about an RV park being trashed, with the 5th wheels turned over, we decided to prepare for the store. We put our dogs in one kennel, the cat in another, packed a backpack with a few essentials, and joined Ron and Sharon at the concrete restrooms. We sat out the storm there, visiting and listening to the weather radio. We got a ton of rain and strong winds, but amazingly, the big storm passed us by.

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