Journey to Joe Patti's Seafood

Today we got up late, had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Then Ron drove us all to Pensacola. Now Pensacola is about 2 hours away. But the sun was shining, the company was good, and the destination was calling: Joe Patti's Seafood Market. Randy and I go there whenever we are close, but we haven't been here since 2012. First thing we did when we arrived was stop at the little food truck outside and get a few beignets. And they were OK, but after the beignets at New Orleans, they were a little disappointing. 

So we went into the market, where the long counter of fresh fish beckoned. Randy wants to make shrimp and grits, so he got some large shrimp (what an oxymoron!).

Then he picked up some grouper, and a nice piece of salmon to cure.
The staff packed our little cooler full of ice for the journey home. Next it was time to eat! They have a little restaurant nearby so we went there for lunch. Fried fish baskets, clam chowder and seafood gumbo - all pretty darn good. 

After the 2 hour drive home, we were all pretty worn out and still full from lunch. So dinner was a casual: a few things from Joe Patti's - tuna spread, sourdough bread and Frog Jam (which sounds awful but taste delicious) - plus summer sausage, smoked Gouda cheese, cheese dip and Sharon's yummy carrot cake. By 7:30 I was ready for bed!

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