Finally - a sunny day!

Aaron only had one half day left in Florida, and to our amazement, the sun finally came out! No rain in the forecast, so we had a quick sausage-egg-cheese muffin at home, then started up the boat! Our canal is a beautiful jungle now but the water is opaque because of all the run-off in it; we couldn't see anything below the surface. Fortunately Randy avoided the snags. 
As we came out of our canal and into the entrance to Lake Griffin, one of the alligators who lives here was in residence. He wasn't the biggest one and he was shy; I could only take pictures from a distance before he disappeared in the lily pads. 
We cross Lake Griffin and headed down Harris Creek Canal. This is another forested canal, although it's wider and clearer than ours. 
It's a beautiful place to be on a boat.
Shorty enjoyed himself, splitting his time between me, Randy, and Aaron. He doesn't know Aaron will be leaving today; he sure is going to miss his buddy.
Where was I during all this? Holding down the couch!
When we got back, we picked up Pete and Donna and went to Oakwood for lunch. The daily special - sandwich, side and drink - was all we wanted. Their pulled pork and sweet potato fries are pretty good. 

And then, unfortunately, Aaron had to take off. We had a great time and hope he will be back soon!

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