Saturday with our newest old friends

For breakfast Randy fixed French Toast, eggs and sausage for everyone. Rain was forecast for the early afternoon, so we went out for a boat ride right after breakfast. Shorty was happy that he got to come along.
We cruised up the lake as far as Haines Creek, and turned in there. The creek was very pretty as usual, and full of an unusual number of fast-moving fishing boats. And we saw a couple of little baby alligators, less than a foot long, as they swam across the creek and to hide in the lilies. Momma Gator was probably nearby but we didn't see her.

We got back home by noon and the rain hadn't arrived yet, so we drove Janice and Lance through The Villages. We went through Spanish Springs Town Square and Sumter Landing Town Square, where we walked along the lake. 
By then we were ready to eat again so Randy took us to Eaton's Beach. Randy and I ordered exactly what we had last time - shrimp and grits, and mac and cheese. These are good enough for a repeat; maybe someday we'll try something else, but not today!  

After lunch we walked downstairs to the beach; they may have brought in all this sand, because it's only here in this one spot.  With a beach-ball net, big shade umbrellas, noodles and beach toys available, it's a great place to play.  But we were full of good food and didn't want to get hotter than we already were, so Janice and I settled for wading in the water and burying our toes in the sand.
Later we went out to the Browntown Village Square to join Pete and Donna, listening to music. The band was pretty good and the dance area was full of grownups line-dancing and little children making up their own dances.

When we went back to the house, Pete and Donna showed up as Lance was warming up his the banjo. Pete didn't bring his bass guitar so he used one of Randy's guitars and they entertained us with wonderful music.
They sounded great, and Pete broke the bass player rule of never smiling!

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