Fruitland Park to St Augustine, and back

Monday morning we piled everything from Lance and Janice's van back into our Jeep, tucked our swimsuits into a corner, and drove to St. Augustine, where they have a timeshare on a beach-front condo. It was over a 2 hour drive and we stretched it out more by stopping at Steak and Shake for breakfast. Randy got us to the coast around noon. After meeting Janice's family, we donned swimsuits and went to the beach. The water was cool - I thought it would be warm in June but apparently this is a little too north for that. So we eased into it, getting used to the temperature. Randy, of course, loved it. 
Janice and her grand-daughter Hannah joined him out beyond the surf while I stayed a little closer to shore. We all got plenty wet, though. When it looked like it was ready to rain, we headed in. And got rained on as we walked back to the condo. 

We said our goodbyes and Randy drove back to Fruitland Park. Shorty doesn't like thunderstorms, so we tried to beat the rain back home. We didn't make it but we got there right after the storm started. And relaxed at home while the storm rolled by.

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