Guest Bathroom - day 4

Randy fixed Oatmeal with bananas and walnuts for breakfast, and then the day's work started: tile the shower walls. The shower isn't a big space and the tiles are long, so almost every piece needs to be cut. 
And every tile had to be check for level because a tiny bit off would exponentially throw off the upper tiles. 
A couple of times the guys went outside to look for the alligator. Only one of the little ones was here today, hanging under the dock across the canal.
We fixed a quick lunch of meatloaf sandwiches and Rural King chips before starting again. Our walls aren't thick enough for an inset soap dish, so Aaron fashioned one for me out of tile. Which means, of course, more cuts in the wall tiles.
One row above the shelf the decorative pieces went in. First the pencil line,
and then a row of small tiles with decorative pieces set in. That called for some more tricky cuts.
 But it's looking good!
It kept raining on and off all day. We need rain, but now I could do with a little sunshine. Our local Blue Heron was here during much of the day. He doesn't let the rain bother him too much; just sits it out and occasionally opens his beak for a drink.
Randy fixed prime rib for dinner, so we wouldn't have gone out anyway, even if it hadn't been raining. NOBODY fixed prime rib as good as Randy.
He added baked potatoes and broccoli in a heavy cheese-and-bacon sauce - perfect! The guys had brought a few wines with them from their trip through Kentucky. We tried the Winzewald Gluhwein, a red wine that, to my surprise, I really liked. So did the guys. And they liked the after-dinner Amaretto, too.

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