Good day on the boat (any day on a boat is a good day)

Pete and Donna's daughter Diane is visiting her parents this weekend, and today we all were able to go out on a boat ride together. It was a little overcast but as humid as it could be. The guys did the technical stuff like driving and navigating.
The ladies kept busy talking and sunning. To each their own, according to there skills!
We cruised up Lake Griffin to Harris Creek and went along it a ways before turning back. As usual, big white herons were out fishing and generally being gorgeous. 
We didn't go as far as the lock because we planned to eat lunch in Blue Heron Cove, which is at the top of the lake. There is a little restaurant there called Pirate's Oasis, where according to the menu their motto is "A Small Drinking Village with a Big Fishing Problem". We ordered chicken quesadilla and fish-and-chips, and the guys got Indiana Pork Tenderloin sandwiches. These are less than half the size of the tenderloins we get in the Peoria area, but it's nice to find a place around here that serves them! We had a good time and found a new motto of our own inside the bar:
After lunch while Randy put gas in the boat for the return trip, we took some pictures. Donna and Diane are photogenic,
but as usual, Donna just couldn't behave! She kept laughing at the skeleton's rear; Diane could only close her eyes and shake her head.

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