Guest Bathroom - day 5

We went out to Rae Rae's for breakfast; they make great biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash and glazed blueberry biscuits. It's a great way to start the day, especially a rainy day. And it rained all day long today.  Back at home, the guys finished the shower walls.
Although the sides of the shower would accommodate a whole tile, every tile there had to be trimmed, to make the tiles along the back look like they were full tiles that folded around the corners. This is a lot more work, but it’s a great look.
Then, as the shower walls dried, the guys worked on the shower floor, or "pan".  They measured and cut all the individual pieces and laid them out before adding mud, to ensure a good fit. 
Aaron decide that the shower drain height wasn't up to his standards, so he adjusted that before continuing. When he was happy with that, they worked on the ledge at the front of the shower. Tiles don't come in the right shape for the ledge, so they cut each piece, rounded the edge, and sanded it smooth.
It took a lot of mud and a lot of care on each piece to make sure everything was perfect.
Next Aaron started troweling mud on the pan, shaping a smooth floor with just a little slope towards the drain. Then he laid the trimmed floor mosaic sheets down. 
And just like that - we had a new bathroom! The final grouting will be done tomorrow. 

It was time to relax with a Rusty Nail - equal parts of Drambuie and Scotch. I don't care for it, but the guys seemed to like it!  For dinner Randy whipped up a side dish of Fried Rice.
The main dish was scallops and shrimp, cooked on salt blocks. This method of cooking gives a great flavor to the meats, and it's very hard to overcook on salt blocks. 
Randy served this with the vegetables and broccoli in cheese-and-cream sauce from yesterday, fresh guacamole and fried rice. Great meal!

Somehow we all over ate, so afterwords we just watched TV and took turns throwing tennis balls for Shorty. He loves to chase them, but won't bring them back, which makes it hard to get in a game with him. Good thing he's cute!

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