Guest Bathroom - days 1 and 2

Aaron, who is an expert tile-layer, has arrived to help us finish our guest bathroom. We had a quick lunch at Ramshackle Cafe, then Randy and Aaron started on the bathroom. And I'm learning a lot. For example, how to fix a hole in the shower floor area?
 Wood and duct tape!
And it works just fine because the next thing was to cover it all with a thick layer of mud mix.
The mud mix had to dry before anything else could be done so we called it a day. Instead of dinner we just snacked on an appetizer tray of salami, cheese, crackers and fruitcake. That sounds funny, but it was perfect. Or maybe it was the 12 year Weller Scotch that made it perfect?

The next day after church we had hot dogs for lunch before they went back at it. Aaron does things right, so he installed a heavy liner in the shower floor over the mud floor, tacked it into place, 
then covered that with more mud. This, like everything he did, this is trickier than it looks. He leveled the mud, then put a little slope in it, from the outside edges and corners towards the center drain, which was plugged to keep the mud out. 
While that was drying they started laying the tile in the rest of the bathroom floor. 
Randy was also working, but the bathroom isn't really big enough for two people to work in. So he was usually elsewhere, getting things ready, bringing equipment, etc. He also manned the wet saw.
After finishing the floor, it was time again to let everything dry. So Randy fixed a meatloaf dinner and baked bread pudding for dessert. We asked Pete and Donna over to help us with the bread pudding, and they were nice enough to help out. Donna and I sat at the table talking, while the guys got engrossed in "Shark Tank". Good day!

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