Fat Andy's, a good place to eat!

We eat a lot of seafood in harbor towns but we could not resist stopping at a little place called "Fat Andy's". And we were sure glad we didn't resist! This is a great little burger joint. 
The sign outside said they open at 11 am, but there isn't a closing time. It turns out that's because they tend to sell out, so when the food is gone, they close for the day. That doesn't happen at the big fast-food chains but here the food is all fresh and hand-prepared. None of that pre-made stuff!
So we ordered our burgers and fries, all cooked to order, and sat outside on the benches to enjoy it. Normally I get a picture of the food, but this time I was too busy wolfing it down! If we were going to be in the area longer, we would certainly be regulars. So if you are in the area, stop by and have a cheeseburger here for me!

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