Another cemetery, a famous golf hole, and a great dinner

It's just a few days before we leave the Island, and I found a fascinating little cemetery. Actually, I didn't find it; Randy did, on one of his many bike rides. He took me there Friday, before we went to dinner. It's oddly positioned between the road and nearby condominiums, with a sign proclaiming it as the Braddock's Point African American Cemetery.
The headstones from 1916 to 1994, and most of them are concrete with hand-carving. At first glance I thought they looked odd, but then I decided they look a lot more personal than machine-carved stones. Some had plates pressed into the concrete. I read somewhere that this may be a Gullah tradition, to put the last plate the person used on the headstone. Most of the plates are gone now, but the imprint remains.

This is a unique little place and I'm glad Randy shared it with me.
We didn't stay long because he also wanted to show me the famous 18th hole at Harbour Town Golf Links in Sea Pines. This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful golf holes anywhere. I didn't get a good picture because just as we got there and were standing at the edge of the green, a golf ball dropped near us. Three golfers were playing the hole at that time, so we had to move on. But if I had been able to walk out onto the course, I could have gotten a great picture of the red and white lighthouse behind the 18th hole flag.

Since I couldn't stay on the course and take pictures, we went to the restaurant. Along the way we passed a fine example of the heartiness of the Hilton Head Live Oaks. Sometimes even when they tip over, they just keep living and growing!
For Randy's birthday dinner we had reservations at CQs. Even before we ordered, they tempted us with chocolate cookies and creamy sundried tomato on bread crisps. We decided to order a 3 course dinner but when they listed the appetizers, I couldn't resist adding a fourth: baked brie and duck pâté with toast points. Excellent!
Next I chose the CQ Chowder, with lobster, shrimp, clams and probably everything else leftover from yesterday. Leftovers or not, it was delicious. For the main course I had their Lowcountry Shrimp and Grits. It was great, but Randy's is still better. Randy chose the Cedar Plank Scottish Salmon, with sweet potato risotto and spinach. I don't know how you make salmon into a Scottish dish, but whatever they did must have been good, because Randy enjoyed it all.
The final course was cheesecake. Because it was Randy's birthday, he got the special plate!

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