Hyman's Seafood in Charleston

Back in November we visited Hyman's Seafood in Charleston. Hyman's takes up most of a full block because there are several buildings linked together, including a deli, seafood and general store, with a lovely young lady at each doorway inviting people inside. This a famous place, and it seems to be mostly famous for serving famous people. The walls are covered with pictures and plaques to commemorate famous people who ate there.
They carry this theme through to the tables, with a small plaque on each one about who ate there.  This was ours:
The starter on the table was boiled peanuts. This southern stable is soft and cold and not very salty and will never be a favorite of mine, although Randy likes them OK. 
We followed that with calamari, sweet little corn fritters and coleslaw, shrimp po’boy and fries. It was a good meal but what we really enjoyed was meeting the owner, or rather, the previous owner. His sons are running the business now but he still takes a lively interest in it. And he seemed to be the archtype of a Southern Gentleman - gracious, soft-spoken and interested in making his guests feel comfortable and welcome. We spent a few minutes talking about food and RVing, and he suggested we call him when we had some free time and he would have us over to his house for a genuine Low Country Boil. And I believe he would, too. 

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