Lake Aire RV Campground

There are a couple of unique things about this RV park.  One is the type of ducks that frequent their lake. These things look like big ducks with turkey heads. They have a bright red mask of wrinkled skin that looks like the wattle of a turkey. Just like a turkey's, it's pretty unattractive, at least to me; I suppose they find it very pretty. 
To make up for that, their body feathers are a beautiful iridescent green and black with patches of white mixed in. They are used to people and will let you get close, although the males give a breathy hiss if you get too close. I learned these are Muscovy ducks, aka Creole ducks, and they are originally from Mexico and South America. No wonder I don't see them in the Midwest! 
The other odd thing is the speed limit on their interior roads. Why did they come up with 4.7?

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