Rain and more rain at the rally

Yesterday we attended a short session to learn where to pick up and drop off handicapped guests at the rally. We are scheduled for a shift on Monday and Tuesday, and Randy volunteered to take an extra shift on Saturday. 

The rain is pouring down; it lets up for a couple of hours and then starts again. Outside our door we have a big, deep puddle for our doormat.
Julienne doesn't like to get her feet wet so when she is going out, she angles around and hops from the step to the slightly-wet concrete. Shorty is all boy and doesn't care - he just splashed down into the water. He comes into the RV the same way, then complains because I dry his feet before letting him jump on the recliner.

There are about 400 RVs parked in the holding area because it's too wet to move them. The holding area is on the outskirts of the fairgrounds but it is paved, so there they sit, all this afternoon and now overnight, until it's safe to move them. 

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