Oak Island, North Carolina

This morning Randy took the jeep to Davis Garage, where they fixed the brakes. They did an excellent job and charged less than half what Tires Plus wanted. Cost is not an issue when it comes to brakes, but our gut feel was always that Tires Plus was only interested in selling parts. The folks at Davis Garage were interested in us

As soon as Randy returned with the jeep, he got our RV on the road again. He drove up towards Myrtle Beach and on to Oak Island, a little south of Wilmington, where we parked at the Oak Island Campground. We didn't stop for lunch so we were pretty hungry by the time we got set up. We asked the owner where he would suggest for dinner, and he said to try Jones', up the road a mile or so. We did, and it was a great suggestion. The free appetizer was an unusual form of hush puppies with honey butter, and was very good. Randy ordered the steam pot, with crab legs (which he gave to me), new potatoes, shrimp, mussels and corn on the cob. 
My choice was bacon-wrapped scallops with a side of baked potato and mulligan stew. I could do without the stew but the rest of it was great. The crab legs and scallops were so sweet that I almost wondered if the melted butter had sugar in it! Yes, I dip bacon-wrapped scallops in melted butter; why not?

And now I have another beach in my collection! About one mile from our campground is the Oak Island Beach. It's pretty and has a few shells, but right now it's just too cold to stay on the beach for long.
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